‍The Moment of Sale

The Moment of Sale™ is the most crucial moment for brands and consumers alike; the mere seconds when the brand must inform, persuade, and convince the consumer to purchase. No medium does this better than the package. Our worldwide production engine helps countless leading brands stand out in the increasingly fragmented path to purchase, in both physical and digital spaces. Get in touch to learn more about The Moment of Sale™ and how we apply it to our approach to consumer engagement.

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Sgsco recently authored an educational white paper exploring the Moment of Sale and the importance of satisfying consumer demand in today’s digital world. Download the full document to read about our approach and how GS1 US is reacting to this changing landscape.


Be ready for Nutrition 2016

The FDA’s changes to Nutrition Facts labeling, finalized in May 2016, are the most extensive changes to occur in decades.
Sgsco has partnered with Prime Label Consultants to provide our clients with the expertise needed to navigate this new regulation before the 2018 deadline.

Nutrition 2016

In our world

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