How we work

We are a collective of teams, talent and expertise, working together to deliver end-to-end marketing solutions from concept through implementation. Our collective approach allows us to offer clients the resources of our entire global network of facilities, agencies, talent and experience together with a simplified, integrated way of working.

We collaborate as one, with one goal; responding to a client’s needs by engaging resources from anywhere in the world. We have eliminated the communication barriers many large companies face, by collaborating within and between each of our operating locations. Everyone is deployed with a singular focus on our client’s best interests.

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Sgsco tailors solutions uniquely suited to every client we work with. No two clients are the same, and therefore no two client solutions are the same.

What we’ve done

The sgsco collective produces cutting-edge design, production, printing and web-enabled technology for many of the top CPG brands, deployed on a world-wide scale.

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Leading the team

The knowledge and expertise of sgsco’s top executives in the global brand landscape is unparalleled. With their leadership, we’re uniquely positioned to provide our clients with the best solutions for any challenge they may face.

Piyush Chaudhari

Chief Executive Officer

Hoyoung Pak

Chief Operating Officer

Jim Bresingham

Chief Financial Officer

Rob McCarthy

President, Design & Digital

Andrew Tidwell

Chief Human Resources Officer

Hollie Gonzales

President, North America Sales

Julien Tessier

President, Europe & Global Accounts

Justin Schauer

Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

How we operate