Frustration Free Packaging

Webb deVlam, an sgsco company, is an official participant in the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS).

The APASS program was designed by Amazon to help support vendors, sellers and manufacturers to obtain certification of their product packaging as Frustration Free Packaging (FFP), Ships-in-Own-Container (SIOC) or Prep-Free Packaging (PFP) including robust ISTA package testing.

Webb deVlam’s integrated services can design and engineer packaging to pass the rigorous ISTA-6 testing while creating a pleasant, branded unboxing experience.

Amazon’s New Packaging Standards

and what it means for your brand

By August 1, 2019, all items larger than 18″ x 14″ x 8″ or over 20 lbs must be designed and certified as Tier 1 (frustration free packaging) or Tier 2 (ships in own container). If not in compliance by August 1, 2019, Amazon will issue a charge of $2 per item back to vendors. A credit will be provided as an incentive to certify sooner.

Amazon has cultivated resources and experts (like us) to assist brands in smoothly navigating the expectations they’ve set forth via their APASS program.

What is Frustration Free?

Frustration-Free Packaging is packaging that is made of 100% recyclable materials, easy to open, and designed to ship products in their original packaging, which eliminates the need for an additional shipping box. “Frustration-Free Packaging” was designed with the customer in mind, making it easier to liberate products from their packages while also reducing waste.

3 Tiers of Packaging Explained

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