Mediabox Workflow Solution

Improve your speed-to-market by processing your graphic chain in one secure workflow tool

Mediabox helps clients achieve digital project excellence through automation and collaboration. Technology is at the heart of everything we do to commercialize artwork. We have leveraged our 70+ year history of print and artwork management to develop Mediabox, a powerful, modular system deployed to meet a wide range of client needs. With each client engagement, our team of business analysts partner to document processes, extract pain points and drive towards continual business improvement.

Mediabox offers: 

✔   Web Based Solution
✔   End to End Global Workflow Tool
✔   Digital Asset Library
✔   Real Time Scheduling
✔   Online Document Approval & Collaboration
✔    Secure File Sharing
✔    KPI Reporting
✔    Project Tracking
✔    Translation Management
✔    Digital File Editing “on the fly”

Project Management

In the complex world of product development, Mediabox is designed to help you keep things simple.

Mediabox gives you real time information of project status rather than you reaching out to constantly ask for status update. Our customized dashboard will let you keep an eye on the metrics to improve your time-to-market. This can be a wide range of items from artworks, to-do list, shortcuts, or even team News feeds.

Online Approvals

Using the latest technology, Mediabox offers a strong tool for digital collaboration. With integrated tools such as bar code readers, color separations with values, measuring and text validation and six methods to compare with previous versions, legacy assets, or any Office documents.

Digital Asset Library

Mediabox understands that time is precious and finding your latest and previous assets may be time consuming. With an easy-to-use interface, filters and searching features, we will help you pare down your results in seconds. Mediabox also offers a wide variety of assets to store, from videos, PDFs, die lines, native artwork files, and final print files. If you need to store, search and share – we have a process!


Out-of-box KPIs and reporting are easily set to respond to standard needs such as Lead time, Average volume per month, Lead times for approval. Additional and custom reporting is also available on demand.

Try our Advanced Workflow Solution

If you are looking to improve your current digital process or want to dive into the digital world, Mediabox has a solution for you. We can deploy quickly getting you and your team trained to leverage maximum efficiency hitting the ground running. The only manual part of the process is you requesting a demo from us – we will take it from there!

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