Shrink Sleeve Labeling

Drive Consumer Engagement With Shrink Sleeve Labeling

Delight consumers with unique brand experiences quickly and cost-effectively with our turnkey shrink sleeve labeling program. We create high-quality short run packaging to your standards using our knowledge of your brand, graphics and print processes. Shrink labeling can be applied to blank, ready-to-be-filled cans or customer supplied cans as well as plastic or glass bottles.

Expand your brand by shrink labeling your cans and bottles

Trust in sgsco to turn your digital art file into a high-quality shrink labeled product that drives engagement and sales.

Partner with sgsco for many applications including:

  • Event-based packaging
  • Cause marketing
  • Regional and seasonal products
  • Promotional packaging
  • Customization and personalization

We take orders from small to large quantities and deliver exactly what you need for a specific event or promotion. We can also print, store and fulfill from inventory for future orders as needed just-in-time.

Explore a wide range of printing techniques including:

  • Simulated embossing
  • Spot varnish / foil stamp
  • Photo-realistic print
  • Specialty inks for effects (reveal, glow-in-the-dark, thermochromic, photochromic)
  • Interactive technologies
  • Variable data printing (VDP)

For rapid commercialization, we also provide integrated services such as:

  • Short run cartons
  • Multi-pack distortion
  • POP/POS design and print
  • 3D/CGI

Try our Sleeves-on-Demand Program

Take advantage of a lower cost sleeve by printing additional sleeves on your initial order. Labels are inventoried at our facility at no additional cost. When additional sleeved cans are required, inventoried sleeves are pulled and applied to the can, saving you money, time and space. You are only invoiced for the application and the can.

Craft brewers that participate in the Sleeve-on-Demand program benefit from lead times between 2-4 days.

  • Custom Pallet configurations available, 1 layer (389 cans) up to 13 layers (5057 cans). **No additional charge
  • Inventory management program, we provide a month inventory record of your sleeves helping you determine a time to reorder labels.

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Resources

Doing business with sgsco is easy. In this section we’ve included some tools and resources to help with projects.


12oz (355ml) Can Layout (right click to save file)

16oz (474ml) Can Layout (right click to save file)

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